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Peaks Preferred - The Next Generation of Peaks

Peaks Preferred is the next generation of an established industry leader in patented key control—built on Kaba's 145–year history of reliable security solutions.

Peaks Preferred is the most cost-effective and adaptable patented key control system, designed to meet all of your needs. No other patented key control system offers quality, flexibility, and extensive retrofitability, with the convenience of a one key system

Peaks Preferred is the industry leader in compatibility with all major brands of locking hardware, thus making security system replacements or upgrades much simpler and more economical. With a patent through 2024, Peaks Preferred provides the security of a long patent life

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Is your facility having difficulty controlling keys?

Ever found yourself asking:

  • How many people have keys to the facility?
  • Have there been any unauthorized duplicates made?
  • How many master keys have been issued?
  • What is the risk if the wrong person obtains one of these keys?

Peaks Preferred one key system provides the best solution to these and many more questions by simplifying the management of a key control system. No other system offers more security and versatility than Peaks Preferred.

With unique patented security features that protect the keys and cylinders, you can rest assured that only authorized persons with issued keys can gain access to confidential or restricted areas.

In addition to added security, Peaks Preferred eliminates the chaos associated with managing non-patented or uncontrolled keys.

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